6 Video Marketing Tips For Brand

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Most people prefer short-form video to any other content type in 2021, making video marketing the dominant form of content marketing. With the growing prevalence of video content in marketing, there are several guidelines your company should follow. In order to assist your small business increase sales with video marketing material in 2021, we have conducted extensive research, compiled the finest advice, and organised it all by platform.

Your videos should be brief

Short-form video content is not only more practical for marketers to produce, but also more popular with viewers. Did you know that the average human being can only focus for 8 seconds at a time? An Instagram Reel is far more likely to be viewed by your target audience than a lengthy film posted to YouTube.

Speaking of short attention spans

It’s crucial that your marketing videos grab viewers’ attention within the first three seconds of playback. This will raise viewers’ interest and lead to more views and shares.

Make sure the text is simple to see by using a high contrast colour scheme. Overlaying text over movies is a brilliant idea, but only if the text is legible. One effective method is to use all-caps text in contrasting colours, such as a black font on a light backdrop.
Fourth, limit the amount of text in your marketing videos for small businesses to ensure that viewers can focus on the video content while also rapidly scanning any accompanying text.

Make videos that are just the right length for a story

If you’re not using Instagram Stories for your business, you’re leaving money on the table. (Check out this article for additional information on how to utilise Instagram Stories to promote your company.) If you want your marketing videos to do well on Stories, you need to make sure they are the right size and structure. If you use a Boosted video design and set the duration to 9:16, your Instagram Story video will be the perfect size.

Add your own artwork to the front of Reels

Is your Instagram Reel video engagement where you want it to be? Make your own cover tile picture and use it in your Reels. This will give your Instagram Reel videos a more polished, cohesive, and attention-grabbing appearance. Here you’ll find out what you need to do to make a thumbnail for your Instagram Reels video.

Give your Instagram Reels a catchy title

This is a simple yet effective way to get more viewers. Either maintain the title at the top of the Reel for the first few seconds of the movie, or use it as a brief summary of the video’s content that displays exclusively on the custom cover picture.
Make Facebook videos and share them! This piece of advice may seem simple, but with the rise of short-form video alternatives on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, local companies sometimes overlook Facebook as a distribution channel for their videos. Did you realise that in 2015 alone, 8 billion people watched videos on Facebook? That means Facebook may be a strong search engine for the promotional films of small businesses.

Your marketing videos should be fascinating and engaging even without sound, as many people view videos on their phones in public or at home when they don’t have access to speakers. Adding text overlay that functions as subtitles for the video content is a simple method to ensure that your clients get all the information they need even if they choose to watch the video without sound. Use the Boosted video-making tool to make polished promotional films in a matter of minutes by adding amazing text overlay, music, and more.

Video content that is uploaded directly to a platform is said to be “native.”

Upload native videos

Facebook gives much more weight to and rewards postings that include native videos than those that just link to external films hosted elsewhere, like YouTube.

Make sure to take the time to provide your marketing films relevant names and descriptions before uploading them to Facebook using the native video format. You may improve your video’s SEO, seem more professional, and communicate with viewers faster by giving each video a descriptive title and brief synopsis.
TikTok videos can be longer than 15 seconds, but since the average attention span of a human being is only a few seconds, 15 seconds is the sweet spot. This will provide you even more flexibility when you make TikTok videos for your company, as many of the popular songs and noises are likewise 15 seconds long.


Last but not least, one of our favourite tips for small company owners to enhance the odds of getting their TikTok videos on the FYP is to use a combination of trendy music and unique audio. TikTok videos including conversations with consumers can still benefit from the inclusion of popular tracks. Then, you may adjust the level of your original audio while turning down the volume of the trending music you added to your video.