The Value Of Instagram Videos For Marketing Your Business

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Instagram has become an industry titan. Over 800 million people are already using the site, and they produce roughly 100 million new postings every day.

Thus, if your company isn’t using Instagram, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for your social media marketing campaign…

In spite of this, Instagram is now much more than a photo sharing app. They’ve moved out with functions like Stories and IGTV that let you share short movies.

As Instagram videos could only be 15 seconds long, many marketers, especially in the B2B sector, didn’t take advantage of this tool when it originally arrived. Videos on IGTV may be up to an hour long, while those in the main stream used to be limited to 60 seconds.

Maintain a positive tone.

Instagram is popular among users in their twenties and thirties, and the addition of video is only a natural progression of the service’s youthful vibe. If you’re a business-to-business organisation, don’t be afraid to experiment with some lighthearted humour in your Instagram videos.

Several B2B companies have successfully used such a strategy. Although Zendesk is a cloud-based customer-service firm, it didn’t stop them from posting a short and quick (just 16 seconds) Instagram video that reflected the company’s quirky personality. A broken home between an astronaut and a diver is used as a metaphor for strengthening ties between companies and their clientele.

Make use of Instagram as a distribution platform for explanatory videos

Insta-stories work well as explanation videos. Most of these videos are less than a minute in length, with the greatest ones being under 60 seconds (the IG video time limit).

Think about making an alternative to live action as part of your approach. The bread and butter of the B2B industry are typically intricate and arcane technological ideas, which are well suited for animation. They may pictorially depict your product’s most salient qualities in a way that your target audience will find both informative and entertaining.

Think about point

In the same way that there are defining characteristics of any social media platform, there are also defining characteristics of its features. Instagram videos have a muted playback setting by default, so keep that in mind (the user has to tap the screen to enable sound). You should prioritise images due to the nature of the feature, but you can make your Instagram videos stand out by using striking animations and text instead of sounds. This is also an excellent strategy for getting your brand’s message through and encouraging action.

To sum up, remember to appeal to those who prefer to remain incognito while your media plays automatically. Instagram videos should focus on striking graphics and catchy captions rather than lengthy amounts of talk.

Always overestimate the impact of an excellent tale.

Instagram Stories is a new tool that allows users to publish photographs and videos that disappear after 24 hours, much like Snapchat. Marketers should use Instagram Stories into their overall social media strategy.

You may use the entertaining Stories feature not just to attract new team members but also to spread films that resonate with your audience. Millennials are a difficult demographic to reach since they are a generation that values work-life balance and seeks out stimulating and rewarding job. Today’s youth aren’t just interested in making money; they also want to make meaningful connections with others. This is why Instagram Stories is perfect for sharing business culture videos.

Invariably Hashtag

Instagram videos, like photos, may benefit from the use of hashtags to increase their exposure.

The same rules for creating effective hashtags apply here; your hashtags should serve as a concise summary of your content while also identifying your intended readers through keywords.

The maximum number of hashtags you may use in a single tweet is 30, so choose them carefully and always keep your target audience in mind. If you do this correctly, you may experience 12.6% more interaction with your Instagram videos than you would have without using hashtags.


Instagram is best used for lighter, more humorous videos, and this is the most crucial thing to remember.

Your Instagram videos should have a singular, overarching purpose, and convey that message in a fun and approachable way. Use images, animations, and any other effects tactics you can think of to make an impact with the viewer’s eyes.

Keep in mind that you’re on Instagram, not LinkedIn; as such, leave your analytical mind at the door and allow your creativity run wild.