How To Boost Your Brand Presence On Instagram?

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Many people questioned Instagram’s value when Facebook bought it for $1 billion earlier this year for use on mobile devices. However, in the subsequent month, Instagram went from being a niche iOS photo-sharing social app to a platform on both iOS and Android smartphones with over 100 million users. Businesses are beginning to see Instagram’s distinctive and inventive visual elements as a potent asset in their social media marketing campaigns as the community expands and the programme becomes more widely used.

For more exposure and interaction with your Instagram followers, consider the following advice on content creation.

Visual Appeal Is Crucial

Currently, a plethora of options exist for storing and sharing photographs online. Instagram’s popularity can be attributed to its unique set of tools for transforming ordinary photographs into works of art. On Instagram, the image is the content itself; it does not serve as a complement. Aesthetically pleasing material is what most users care about. Feel free to experiment with different angles and lighting, as well as the (suitable) photo filters. Those with dull material need not apply.

Use Your Hashtag Creativity

Instagram, like Twitter, makes it easy to identify specific information by allowing users to tag photos with relevant keywords using the hashtag symbol (#) and a brief description of the photo’s context. Hashtags are useful resources that come with a plethora of advantages. They can help people find your photos when they are searching for content like photos from a certain conference or event. They can utilise specific hashtags to organise your brand’s content into subcategories (using #abcwarehouse, for example, to collect images of your company’s warehouse). Marketing campaigns and special offers can also benefit from the usage of hashtags.

Bring in the rest of your social networks!

Instagram, like all other social media platforms, is not an island. Sharing your images on other networks is a great way to promote your Instagram account and to provide your other social media profiles some fresh, engaging content. Photos may be easily uploaded to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter through the mobile interface, while posting to Facebook Pages is currently only supported on iOS. Despite the fact that Pinterest appears to be a natural fit for Instagram photo sharing, there is presently no way to do so. The process of pinning your Instagram photographs, however, is simplified by a number of sites, such as Gramfeed and Pingram.


Allowing fans to directly contribute to your material is a terrific way to engage and communicate with your followers, which is the point of social media in the first place. Taco Bell has started a hashtag on Twitter called “#DoritosLocosTacos” for customers to post photos of their Taco Bell orders. The company then collected Instagram posts tagged with this hashtag and used them to create an effective TV advertising. You can still take advantage of crowdsourcing via Instagram even if your marketing budget doesn’t stretch to a national TV campaign. If you want to provide your followers with fresh, engaging content and offer them a chance to feel appreciated and connected, all you have to do is include user-submitted images on your own account, website, blog, or other social media sites (another perfect opportunity to use a unique hashtag).

Exhibit Goods

Instagram, like any other social media marketing platform, is not the place for promotional content. However, it can still be a fantastic method of showcasing your items in creative and engaging ways. Introduce new items, feature top sellers, or showcase products in action with the help of innovative picture methods and filters.

Provide Sneak Peeks Behind the Scenes

Instagram is a great place to convey the human and behind-the-scenes side of your business because the filters and settings available on images create a really chill, intimate, and friendly ambiance on the social network. Show your followers the inner workings of your firm by providing photo tours of your office or warehouse, filming different departments at work, or showcasing the efforts of your staff in both their professional and personal lives.