YouTube was launch in the year 2005, YouTube has become the powerhouse of modern media, with the best development of the influencers with the first wave and recently more with the music streaming platform launch of YouTube music. YouTube has more than 30 million daily viewers and visitors currently, nearly five hundred hours of video content are uploaded every second, more than 2500 channels that would reach in one million subscribers excess. This social media platform is purchased by Google and ranks as number 2 currently for domestics and global web traffic, according to the report of Alaska. The marketing industry is moving towards static video content, and YouTube is yet emerging again as a key player. This platform appears straightforward for individual users, but it is very complicated if you want to use it to grow your business and marketing. Here are some tips that you should want to know before use YouTube for business.


Most social media platforms require you to set up a new account before seeing the content. So that is not a special case with YouTube. You can also view the video content without an account on YouTube. But you have to need an account on YouTube for uploading video and  for getting more likes for your videos, buy YouTube likes and engaging with users. You have to need a membership for viewing adult content flagged videos. You must be logged in to the account of google for signing up. You can create a new google account or else use already created google account. You have to customize your business channel on YouTube once you are logged into your google account. In the page-top left-hand corner side, there will be a drop-down menu with some quite options. There are links for trending videos, subscriptions, homepage, and three categories: more from YouTube, subscriptions, and library. Your library will help you organize which videos you have saved for later, videos you have liked. Subscriptions send and notifying when they have uploaded a new video, send you an update about the channel you are subscribed to.

In the top right-hand corner, there are four options. The one is very close to the center, a video camera icon that will direct you to the page where you upload the video. The middle square icon is for the YouTube apps. The next bubble button will take you to the message. The next bell icon will notify you of your account’s activity, such as a new comment or new like. The one is very close to the right side is a profile icon; it will direct you to your account’s information pulled from google. Comments can be organized by the most popular or newest, which is used by users on your video content to boost your video traffic engagement. Likes are the more massive form of interacting with the video content.