Tips For Successful Facebook Video Advertising

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You want to be the headliner, not the opener, when it comes to your performance. You need to make sure that your Facebook video advertisements are irresistible if you want people to interact and watch with them.

Thus, we have compiled information on Facebook video advertising so that you may leave a long-lasting impression.

Have an immediate impact

Take a moment to reflect on how you interact with others online. Do you lose interest and leave pages that take too long to get to the point?

If a blog article on Facebook video ad best practises fails to immediately provide the reader with intriguing, relevant insights (or at least a snappy hook), the reader is likely to abandon the piece.

A recent research really indicated that the average human attention span is now only eight seconds long, so you’re not alone there.

Second, keep it brief.

If viewers lose interest rapidly, how long should a Facebook video be?

Facebook suggests a duration of 5-15 seconds for in-stream video advertisements (those that appear before or during other video content).

Start branding straight away

When do you find the time to market your company when Facebook video advertisements of such little duration are quickly becoming the norm?

It turns out that within the first three seconds of your Facebook video ad, you should introduce your brand.

Facebook video ads frequently aim to increase brand recognition. Getting your brand name out there is a marketing priority, but you only have three seconds before consumers stop paying attention.

Title and description optimization, number four

A compelling title and description that explains what viewers may anticipate from a Facebook video ad is essential for attracting attention.

Facebook’s targeting algorithms can learn more about your video’s subject matter from the text you use to describe it, so it’s important to add pertinent keywords there as well.

Keep in mind that not all titles are created equal, and update your content accordingly. Not all of them are equally memorable.

Software for making videos Wochit analysed over 33,000 videos posted to Facebook in 2017 and discovered that some terms used in titles attracted much more views than others.

Prioritize non-interactive perspectives

Despite the fact that desktop users will see videos play with sound, many individuals will mute the Facebook tab in anticipation of this behaviour.

Whenever time a mobile user toggles off sound for a video, all subsequent videos will also play without sound unless the user manually toggles it back on.

As many Facebook users will be watching your video ad without the sound on, it is crucial that your ad is effective regardless of whether or not the viewer hears any of it.

Facebook has advised this to marketers several times. The following are some of their recommendations for political advertisements:

Messages in your videos should be clear even if the sound is turned off. Use visuals and music instead of voiceovers and dialogue to convey information. If you want your message to be understood whether the sound is on or off, use subtitles and visual overlays.

The advice they give for making both mobile and traditional video advertising on Facebook is the same.

While you want your audio to be helpful, it shouldn’t be crucial to getting your point through.

Achieve your goal

Improving your Facebook video ad targeting may boost performance and return on investment (ROI) even if you’ve already settled on a clear marketing goal, the best video format, and the most effective key performance indicators (KPIs) for your ad.

Facebook video ad targeting works in much the same way as regular Facebook ad targeting.

Targeting the people most likely to enjoy your videos is essential, and tools like lookalike audiences and bespoke audiences may help you do just that.

An engagement custom audience based on video views is available when you’ve ran at least one video ad.

Facebook lets you target specific viewers who have seen your video advertisements by allowing you to build a bespoke audience. Other segmentation criteria include video playback duration.

Very simply, this function will enable you to retarget Facebook advertising at any people who have previously seen your video content. Users’ attention spans for your previous video adverts might be used to further identify this niche population.

Retargeting people who have interacted with your company before is a great strategy since you already know they are interested in what you have to offer.

In addition, you may tailor a customer’s experience by promoting the most recent video to viewers who have previously seen the prior films in a series if you’re running an ad campaign with numerous linked videos.

To avoid looking like a square, 7 you should stand up straight

What is the optimal aspect ratio for Facebook video ads, keeping in mind maximum views and engagement? For optimal viewing, your movie should be either 9:16 in height or 1:1 in width (a complete square).

Why? The initial use is in the property market. For mobile users, square videos take up 78% more real estate in News Feed than landscape videos.

Video ads that take advantage of every available inch of screen real estate are more likely to be watched and understood.

Just do it. In order to increase the likelihood that people will watch your movie, having it show at a larger size is essential.