The Value Of A Shortening Service For Social Media Marketing

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Connecting with an audience, keeping them interested in what you have to offer, and ultimately convincing them to buy is the goal of social media marketing.

How well known your brand is depends on how actively you advertise it. In most cases, it’s not easy to tell which blog entries really demand your attention and which ones just happen to get more views.

Great content is just half the fight won when trying to increase traffic to your article. Getting the correct amount of hits and clicks is what counts the most, regardless of how user-friendly and shareable the material is.

All the hard work and excellent content in the world won’t matter if your intended audience doesn’t engage with it.A lengthy, confusing URL was a turnoff for the target population. A lot of room was needed, especially in emails, and the connection was broken by paragraph wrapping.

The benefits of using a shortening service for URLs are many.

1) It records the clicks, their time and place.

Shortening links using a link analytics tool allows you to see when and where your links are being clicked. This will give you a good sense of which article is more popular and hence more likely to attract a huge audience.

Improves the overall appearance of the post. People are put off by lengthy URLs because they feel they are uninviting and uninteresting. The acceptability and click-through rates of the intended content are increased with the use of shortened URLs. It promotes brand awareness.

By including the name of the product or service being promoted into the URL, both new and returning customers will have an easier time remembering and spreading awareness of the brand.

This implies that when you’re trying to get the word out about your product quickly, you should devote 1 section to specifics about your brand and 4 sections to more broad topics relating to your sector.

You may use the shortened links to advertise other content on your site, such as blog entries or services you offer. and are just two of the many URL shortening tools available.

Any of the websites that include your shortened, personalised link can now display your own badge or call-to-action tag.

Link shortening solutions are useful for redirecting visitors back to your site, since they include features like badges, cross-promotion, and click-timing and channel tracking.Here, fashion designer Lisa has attached a call-to-action label to a blog where she is selling fall/winter wardrobe necessities and offering styling advice.

In case you were to stumble upon this. Indirectly, Lisa’s website gains traffic since readers who see her pop-up, call-to-action tag are redirected there.

Resources that Allow for Individualised Shortened URLs

Each shared link has value, and makes it easy to quantify that value. It’s a straightforward tool for adding a personalised message to the shortened URL. Not only does shorten the URL, but it also allows you to customise the text that appears before the link and include a call to action that brings them back to your website. Such is “Click Here.”Simply enter the post’s URL into Snip Creator, and then add a call-to-action link to your website, along with the content of the link and the message you’d want to appear in the pop-up window.


Shortened links with your own domain name are a breeze to make and distribute with Rebrandly. You may create an account, register your domain name (for as little as $2 per year), and immediately begin using branded link shortening.

You may use as many domains as you like with Rebrandly, generate as many links as you like, track clicks, retarget your links, forward parameters, and insert UTM codes.

Unlike other URL shorteners, you can go back and change your branded URLs whenever you like.

The three most appealing aspects of Rebrandly are:

Personalised domain integration; use your own or choose from a large collection.
There is a Rebrandly add-on for Chrome and Firefox that lets you make unique domain names and URLs on the fly.
Sign up for Bitly and make a Bitlink with your own unique tag. Your personalised Bitlinks can be distributed in any way you choose.

Bitly’s analytics feature lets you know the country and time zone of each click.

Simply paste your long, cumbersome URL into the box provided, choose the tag, then click the’shorten URL’ button. Google Analytics will keep tabs on how many times your shortened links are clicked.

Now that you know why and how a URL shortener can help your social media content, you can start saving time by creating individual tracking links in your URL shortening tool before adding them to your social media content.

One clever method of doing so is the following:

Once you’ve settled on a URL shortening service, including it into a social media calendar is a breeze. Link shortening services like sniply, rebrandly, and bitly may be integrated with SocialPilot so that your shortened URLs are automatically appended to your shared content. To learn how, continue reading on.

Tutorial on Using SocialPilot’s Link Shortener

Shortened URLs may be automatically shared and scheduled using SocialPilot. Choose whatever link shortening service you like; SocialPilot works with them all.