The steps to take to earn Instagram’s blue verification check

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You’ve probably noticed the blue checkmark next to the names of the Instagram profiles you’ve chosen to follow. A “verified” account is denoted by this cute little emblem. But do certified users get any benefits? How do you feel about Instagram verifying your account? Before making up your mind, though, let’s take a closer look at what it takes to become an Instagram verified user.

What does it mean to get your Instagram account validated?

Instagram states that “Instagram has certified that this account is the legitimate presence of the public person, celebrity, or brand it represents” when an account is verified. Instagram users whose profiles have been confirmed as authentic will get a blue checkmark next to their usernames. To avoid any confusion, the symbol is not used to promote any public persons or accounts. Instead, it’s a resource for locating official channels for celebrities and popular firms.

Is it possible for an unprivileged user to gain Instagram verification?

The answer to this popular inquiry is conditional on the meaning assigned to the term “average citizen.” An Instagram user must prove they are a genuine person before their account can be verified. You must also be notable, which means that your name or that of your company is well-known and is frequently referenced in the media.

The vast majority of individuals aren’t really notable, and that’s fine. The Instagram blue checkmark isn’t for everyone; it’s just a verification system that helps users spot phoney profiles.

Instagram: The Art of Obtaining the Blue Check

Do you want to keep attempting Instagram verification? Check out the steps involved in getting Instagram verified so you can decide if it’s the correct move for you.

How many supporters does Instagram require before you can have your account verified?

Thankfully, Instagram’s verification process has nothing to do with how many followers a user has. Instagram profiles that are officially recognised by Instagram often have tens of thousands of followers. This is due to the fact that these profiles belong to well-known individuals, organisations, or brands that are more likely to attract a sizable audience.

The number of your Instagram followers is of little consequence, provided you complete the requirements given below to get verified.

Can you tell me how much it costs to get Instagram verified?

You can’t purchase a verification badge on Instagram or a lifetime of bliss, and neither can money. A business that promises to obtain you Instagram verification for an exorbitant fee is either (a) a fraud or (b) someone claiming to help you become special and remarkable enough to get an actual blue checkmark.

If getting the Instagram blue check is your end objective (and it should be, because the verification procedure is free), then you should be actively working to expand your brand’s visibility and audience.

Application procedure for Instagram verification

It is highly recommended that you go through the verification procedure if you believe you match the aforementioned requirements. Obtaining Instagram verification is simple; here are the steps:

Pull up Instagram on your mobile device and sign in.
Choose your profile photo to view your profile.
To access the settings, select the gear icon in the upper right of the screen.
Choose Account, then Verification.
To continue, please supply your full name and a valid government-issued ID (such as a driver’s licence, picture ID, passport, or formal business credentials).
Just do what it says on the screen.
Up to 30 days after submitting your request, Instagram will let you know whether or not your account has been verified via an in-app notice. There is a 30-day waiting period if your Instagram verification request is declined.

Maximizing Your Instagram Verification Chances

Do you still want to become an Instagram verified user after reading this introduction? Now, if that’s the case, try these suggestions.

Stick to Instagram’s rules and regulations

If your account isn’t in compliance with Instagram’s policies, the company won’t even review it for verification. You shouldn’t purchase or trade followers, comments, or likes; we’ve included links to more detailed explanations above. If you want to keep your Instagram account in good standing, you need also adhere to the following guidelines:

Do not share anything unless you have the right to do so.
Don’t share any nude photos or videos.
Just do as the authorities say.
Respect other people.

Make yourself interesting to the media

Due to this prerequisite, the vast majority of Instagram accounts will never be validated. For account verification to be effective, the company, brand, or individual in question must already have established credibility.

Think on what you are already famous for. In other words, would you call yourself an artist? Perhaps a photographer? An author? Who is this? Put that name-dropping to use to generate interest in your business, yourself, or your creations. That’s because it takes a lot of effort to get to the point where you’re considered noteworthy. You can get more out of your personal brand by hiring a public relations professional than you would by becoming Insta-verified.

Here are some suggestions based on the kinds of profiles that typically acquire Instagram verification.


Send out press releases, prepare grant proposals, and submit your work to exhibition spaces to have your work seen by the public.


Give your services out for free at charity shows and festivals to have your music heard by more people and maybe featured in the media, streamed online, or released on a full-length album.


Have your work published in reputable print media and on well-known online platforms. Make an effort to have your work displayed in galleries.


Put publish a print edition of your work and send out press releases to media sources.

Famous in the fashion industry? Get a gig with a major label to get coverage in the press.