10 Instagram Marketing Tips For Selling Your (Unattractive) Goods

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Instagram is a fantastic social networking site for sharing photos and videos. It’s new, wildly popular, and, after Facebook, the platform with the highest level of engagement. Instagram is the social media platform that 32% of American teenagers choose. Nevertheless, there’s more. 44% of Instagram users use the platform to look for products, while 53% of users follow their favourite businesses on Instagram.   Hence, “my product isn’t attractive” is not a good enough excuse to exclude Instagram marketing from your approach.

1. Share experiences rather than things

Who says you even need to upload your stuff on Instagram? I do. The public should be aware of what you’re selling. Yet, your photographs don’t have to be all about your product. Beautiful experiences that come with it might be included.

2. Make use of Instagram’s tools

Explore all of Instagram’s features (bearing in mind that they are frequently updated) and play with with your merchandise if you want to make everything appear gorgeous. Some things only need to be altered with a stylish filter to appear artistic. Moreover, they provide editing tools and special effects. It appears as though your phone has a miniature Photoshop!

3. Showcase clients utilising your product.

Selfies are a favourite subject for photography. Indeed, it’s weird how much people adore it. So they’ll use any justification to take a picture of their gorgeous selves. By adding hashtags like the #icebucketchallenge and encouraging people to snap pictures with your product, you may increase brand visibility and engagement. Take a cue from American Eagle’s Aerie lingerie line, which started using the hashtag #aeriereal in its marketing in 2014. Although it must be acknowledged that American Eagle’s Instagram campaign was a smaller component of a larger strategy that included using amateur models, giving up photo-retouching in their advertisements, and the general “true beauty” approach, the retailer saw a 20% increase in sales.

4. Make advantage of user-generated material

The fact that one-third of Instagram users identify as photographers proves that they do in fact take a lot of images. As a result, they photograph everything. There is a good likelihood that someone’s Instagram account already features your product or an experience related to it. You only need to locate it now. Use Awario to identify all Instagram posts that feature your brand, product, or any other term of your choice. Getting this material together will provide your brand social proof. You could even want to utilise this information to promote yourself, but remember to acquire the author’s permission first and consider doing a little collaboration.

5. Keep an eye on your rivals

It might be helpful to look at what your rivals are doing if you are unsure on how to show and advertise your items on Instagram. You can easily identify all of your rivals on Instagram if your product is typically not beautiful, as few companies would dare to offer, say, concrete or toothbrushes on such a highly visual network. On the other side, it can seem like there won’t be many direct rivals for your brand, so you should also have a look at what companies in comparable industries are doing.

If you put all of your direct and indirect competitors in one location, it’s simple to keep track of them, and Awario can assist you in doing so. Simply add the company names you wish to track to your upcoming project, along with the name of your brand, and Awario will take care of the rest.

6. Update Awario with notifications

Installing Awario alerts is necessary if you want to always be aware of your rivals’ marketing initiatives and receive updates from them even faster than their followers. These notifications will monitor whatever you require them to.

7. Review the top mentions

Check out the top mentions in the left section of the Awario Dashboard after Awario has collected several postings from your rivals. These are the Instagram mentions that have gotten the most attention from the followers of your competitors.

8. Prominent influencers’ opinions on the items

Each industry has a few of thought leaders that are passionate about the subject and adept at communicating it in a compelling manner. That may be very useful information if your product is unappealing since you can either build a successful cooperation or copy some of their successful marketing strategies.

9. Consider Reach

One of the crucial components of marketing campaign analytics is after monitoring. It goes without saying that you need to know how effectively your postings are performing—whether they capture the attention of your audience or persuade them to take the action you desire, whether it’s a subscription or a purchase.

10. Interact with other users of Instagram.

Engagement is a big deal on Instagram. Both individuals and businesses follow and comment on each other’s images. Be a part of the community by engaging with companies that are connected to yours but not direct rivals. They’ll probably return the favour, which will let their fans know about your Instagram account. Make sure that they are brands that your followers are likely to be interested in.

Ka-pow, ka-pow, snap! Increased sales on Instagram

Instagram’s primary objectives are to promote brands, foster relationships, and carry out market research. But, everything hinges on your marketing plan. Instagram may maintain a prominent position among your tools as you through the sales funnel with the proper strategy.