Instametrogram Allows Windows 8 Users To See, Comment On, And Download Instagram Photos That Have Been Geotagged.

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Instagram is widely recognised as one of the best mobile photo-editing and sharing apps available. Photos taken with this smartphone app may be viewed online, but the service is best experienced on a mobile device. To access Instagram on Windows 8, download the Instametrogram app. Geotagged images taken by the people you follow may be seen, commented on, and downloaded after logging in. Although you can’t add photographs or modify them on Instametrogram, it’s a great tool for exploring the Instagram community.

checking through your Instagram feed, photographs, and likes

The Instagram viewer Instametrogram provides several layout options.

To get started with Instagram, just check out the trending content.

Find out who’s trending and see the most popular pictures on the service using this feature.

Photos may be seen in a grid format, with the comments and likes visible in a sidebar.

This provides a far more aesthetically pleasing method of browsing through photographs and comments. This mode of interaction is also considerably faster than using a mobile device’s scrolling function.

Through this user interface, you may check out the Instagram posts of your friends and favourite photographers.

See images that have been geotagged

The ability to see geo-tagged Instagram photos on Windows 8 is one of Instametrogram’s coolest features. This is because it’s not a feature given by many other services and apps.

Although Instametrogram incorporates the functionality, it does not significantly expand upon it. A basic map will show you the location from which a photo was shot, but the interactivity will be lost. You may pan the view to see more of the region, but there are no directions to the exact spot where the photo was shot.

Putting pictures on a hard drive

The ability to save images to your computer is the most significant benefit of utilising Instametrogram.

With Windows 8, you can quickly and easily save an Instagram photo to your computer when you open it in full screen mode. Both your own images and interesting random shots will work. Neither Instagram nor any of the other applications that may access your photographs on Instagram have this function.

Consequences of Instametrogram Use

Using Instametrogram on Windows 8 does have a few drawbacks.

The primary drawback to Instametrogram is that it is not compatible with Windows 8 and so cannot be used to post images to the service. Only from your account on your mobile phone is this possible. It’s not the app’s fault, though; Instagram doesn’t let other apps contribute photographs since doing so would negate the service’s entire purpose.

Depending on how busy the Instagram servers are, Instametrogram may experience intermittent delays. While not everyone is affected, it might be frustrating when you want to zoom in on a photo on Instametrogram but are unable to.


Instametrogram expands the manner in which Instagram’s photo library may be explored beyond the smartphone app. Users also benefit greatly from Instametrogram’s image-saving capabilities. How do you maximise your Instagram experience using third-party apps?