Instagram was rolled out in August 2020. The Reels feature of Instagram was introduced as a great response to TikTok’s popularity and a path to make the same content with the app itself.  Unlike the Instagram TV, the application got that for the Reels feature to be used regularly and effectively, and the Reels feature had to construct into the existing interface of Instagram. In this, another option, the Instagram Reels feature, is more the same as Instagram Stories. And the most important thing is you can also access the Instagram Reels camera from the same Instagram Stories camera.

Here are some quick and important Instagram Reels highlights:

  • Instagram Reels are mobile-only, which means one can only upload the Reels from their mobile.
  • Reels can be recorded as a single video or array of videos connected together.
  • Reels can be uploaded from your mobile device’s camera roll or directly filmed within the camera of Reels.
  • Rees can be from three to fifteen seconds in duration.
  • Reels are the short video clips in 9:16 full portrait mode.

Reels can be uploaded to the Reels tab or Stories, and sometimes it can be displayed on the Explore page. You will recognize the Reels video on Instagram by the video’s lower left-hand side corner icon when you are scrolling through the Instagram feed. Or in the upper right-hand side corner when you look at the Instagram profile of someone.  By going to someone’s profile, you can easily see their Reels video like their posts. Once you view one Reels video from the home feed or Explore feed, you can swipe upside to scroll through more Reels videos and find new fun and creative content from other Reels creators.


If you do step by step guide or tutorials for products and services or tips in your relatable industry, you can definitely make the same style of videos for Instagram Reels. You can also meet the staff videos or behind the scene videos to display your business or company. Also, most of the businesses used to buy Instagram reels views for your videos to get more views.

There are more fun and creative ideas out there for manifestations of styles and combinations of clothes if you are in the clothing industry. Stop motion type of videos are really famous where one scene ends up and jump into the next scene. 

The business profiles on Instagram have access to the three important features for Reels: timer, effects, and speed.

Timer:  to set a timer for recording, tap on the clock icon so that you can record hand-free videos.

Effects: this option provides more effects for your Reels videos; you can also browse effects.

Speed: With this option’s help, you can slow down or faster the speed of recordings.

Both creator and personal profiles on Instagram will have access to the above 3 features with music or audio feature on Reels.