Instagram has launched a unique and new functionality, which is inspired by the great social media application TikTok. It is popularly known as TikTok Reels that will let the creators publish short-form video types and sounds and music., the former name of TikTok, attracts new users and continues to attract ground users on the internet. Instagram Reels will allow the users to create a video made up of multi clips or a collection of multiple video clips. And you should create a video that is not exceeded fifteen seconds. 


  • First of all, it is a new brand option; make sure that you updated your application for using this feature. Just going to play store and search in the search bar “Instagram,” then update the application and open it. 
  • Once you are on the home page on Instagram, that is new or main feed, and then go to the camera icon and at the top left corner of the screen, near the word “Instagram.” 
  • Then the camera is open, and you will go to the posting or publications page. Under the large button at the bottom of the screen, you can watch different types of broadcasting possibilities, which are provided by social media networks.  Scroll through the screen, and then you will see the option like “Direct,” “Story,” and finally, you will get the “Reels’ ‘option. You will get a message for the introduction if you are using this feature for the first time. Then you have to press the “Start” option.
  • Press the center button to start filming your videos. The center button features the Reels icon. By using the trigger button, you can record multiple video sequences. But the entire video timing must be within 15 seconds and not exceed 15 seconds. You can personalize your videos by adding various options before starting to record a new sequence. Carefully find the effects of customizing your video clips. Buy real Instagram Reels comments for your Reels videos.
  • A particular page for music will open so that you can select your favorite songs from that music library by searching in the search bar. Then just press on it, and you can choose that music for your video clips. And also, you can select your favorite part of that song or music. You can integrate many clips after your recording .you can also trash or delete the video you want.
  • Once you are happy with the result, press the arrow mark, and then you will land on the “share” page.
  • All you have to do is add captions and hashtags before sharing your Reels by posting in it in the story or as a news feed, sending it to your friends.
  • This new video content creation format is the latest way to edit and make videos, and it will permit you to let your creativity and innovation speak freely.