Stunning Instagram Tricks You’ll Wish You Known Earlier 

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Instagram is excellent because it allows its users to see what their friends are up to, peek into the lives of their favourite celebrities, and get new ideas for cooking, fashion, and home d├ęcor. For the same reason, it benefits advertising immensely. 

As a marketing tool, Instagram’s potential is limitless. With the app, you may raise brand recognition, promote your goods or features to your followers, and motivate them to take action. The site also provides a number of built-in commenting and messaging features for your business. But what about one of Instagram’s most potent tools? The IG Rewind is an example of an Instagram Story.

Since Instagram introduced the Stories format in 2016, various updates and releases have given users more leeway to utilise their imaginations for more effective branding and audience interaction.

Get familiar with the tools for editing

While this may not appear like a hack, it actually is rather easy to implement: You should take the time to make modifications that make your Instagram Story more intriguing for your audience before uploading it. Period. Your photos, captions, and background colours may all be customised to make your Story stand out. Let’s check off each one one by one.

Instagram’s visual story editor. Just chill out for a while!

In this fast guide, we’ll go through the six editing icons found across the UI and how they all function. Starting from the far left:

You may save your current image, along with any changes you’ve made, by clicking the save button. Any animations or sound you’ve included will cause the file to be saved as a video.

If you’re not sure which VR filter will turn out looking the best, you can always go back and add one later using the filter icon.

The row’s connecting symbol lets you add an external link to your tale, which is useful if you’re discussing a topic that may benefit from more exploration. Those with fewer than 10,000 followers on Instagram are blocked from using this function unless they are sharing a link to their own IGTV video.

Further interaction tools and stickers are available via the Accessories icon, which may also be accessed by swiping up from the editing panel.

Next, click the drawing button to bring up a selection of brushes and an eraser, allowing you to make scribbled notes or sketches. On this page, you may access colour pickers!

Lastly, you may add text by pressing the text icon, which is available everywhere else on the screen.

Learn to use these resources to add depth and dimension to your narratives.

Create a picture that’s 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels high

Taking a photo in the Story editor and modifying it there is an option, but you may also use the camera app on your phone as usual and then import the finished product. Some things to keep in mind: Taking a picture in the Stories editor and immediately altering it limits you to Instagram’s settings and image editor, but the resulting pictures will be the correct dimensions for use in tales (1080px by 1920px). On the other hand, if you use your phone’s camera to snap the picture, you may use a variety of editing programmes, including the one that comes with your device, to alter the image anyway you like. In order to prevent a border around the image when importing it into the Story editor after editing, you will need to zoom in slightly. With any luck, the image quality won’t suffer when you upload it and increase the size.

Change the hue to suit your needs

Text colour, brush colour, backdrop colour, accent colours, and more may all be changed in Stories. Choose the text you want to change, then choose the colour you want to use from the palette at the editor’s bottom.

Frustrated of being limited to just nine colours on the screen? To examine an additional nine colours over two pages, swipe the colour previews to the left.

You still want to switch things up, right? If you want to change the colour of anything in the editor, just tap the dropper symbol. This will let your alterations to have some chromatic cohesion with the original image.

Here’s a pro tip: press and hold on the colour you desire, then slide up slightly to see other colour options beyond what’s shown in the image. You can pick any shade in the rainbow.

Try out various fonts and layouts for your text

While writing a post, you have several options for customising the text’s appearance.

Creating a video or picture is the first step. It only takes one tap to begin typing anywhere you tap on the screen. Tapping outside of a text box and tapping elsewhere on the screen will create a new text box, and you may repeat this process as much as you wish. Classic, Modern, Neon, Typewriter, and Strong are the five Instagram font options.

You may make your text stand out more by tapping the “A” box if it’s too subtle. For the backdrop, you may use any colour you wish, as long as it follows the same rules as the rest of the page.

Attempt some of Instagram’s entertaining add-ons

Instagram provides a plethora of other elements you can use to dress up your Stories once you have selected your photos, colours, and text. To access even more editing features, such as location, mention, hashtag, gif, music, time, polls, questions, countdown, quizzes, chat, stickers, and more, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Posing questions, polls, or quizzes to your followers is a fantastic approach to encourage participation in your Stories and to connect with them on a personal level. Test out the different approaches with a variety of material to see what gets the best response.