TikTok Advertising: Start Your Marketing For Your Business In 2021

TikTok topped the seventh-largest social media platform globally. It makes its profit from the advertising industry. TikTok’s new self-serve marketing platform advertises your bigger brands to smaller businesses.

TikTok advertising will support you to reach a younger and energetic audience. The younger audience loves to share their greater content.

In this post, we’ll explain to you everything that helps your TikTok marketing. Starting from TikTok ads, companies need to use TikTok ads. Additionally, you will get the list of ideal practices of TikTok ads. 

Who Can Advertise On TikTok?

In recent times, the list of brands using TikTok ads is growing. Both in numbers and profit of the product they market. Here are three TikTok truths to explain to you who should spend on TikTok advertising. 

Brands Look For Engaged Audience

The TikTok app downloads reached over two billion times. In the U.S., it is about 165 billion downloads. It results that the TikTok trend is rising faster. 

The youngest users are kids ranging between 4 years to 15 years, where they spend nearly 80 minutes every day. The engagement time of YouTube is equivalent to the same audience of TikTok. On average, TikTok users open the app at least eight times per day.  

Brands Targets On Gen Z & Y

The TikTok audience is massive; it doesn’t reach every audience. But for now, brands with the target of Gen Z and younger millennials will identify the massive group of capable customers. 

63% of TikTok users range between 10 to 29 years old. 

How To Do TikTok Ads?

Based on the TikTok ad type, you can make your content visible among your audiences. Here, we’ll explain down the kinds of ad formats and show you how to create your in-feed video ads. 

Select your ad formats

TikTok represents different choices for sponsored advertising. 

In-feed video ads

In-feed ads are short-form videos that display in the user’s news feed of the For You page. They look relevant to the original TikTok; hence they combine organically into the feed. 

Branded Hashtag Challenges

Using branded hashtag challenge, a brand asks its TikTok users to record a video of themselves performing their choreographed dance and then post it with particular hashtags.

These ads are near the top of the Discover page. You can make your posts go viral on TikTok by branded hashtags that skyrocket TikTok likes that massively grow your profile. Clicking on the hashtags leads the audience to a Tik Tok video collection from the same challenge to other pages. 

Brand Takeover

TikTok’s brand takeover ads have a full-screen feature. It runs for three to five seconds of video ads. These ads pop-up as soon as someone opens the app. The ad will appear on the For You feed page. You can add clickable hashtags or website links. 

TopView Ads

Like brand takeover, TopView ads appear to have a full-screen feature. The main difference is that these ads run for 60 seconds long, and they play late. They don’t begin with the opening of the TikTok app. 

Branded Effects

On TikTok, branded effects have customized stickers, AR filters, and lenses. Users can include stickers on their TikTok videos; it is relevant to Instagram’s AR filter effects. Each new branded effects of TikTok are available for ten days. 

Best Practices Of TikTok Ads

Creating your in-feed ad is simple on TikTok. TikTok ad creation is a little more challenging to get more reach from your new fans and audiences. You got some things to make sure of as you start your first TikTok ad campaign.  

  • Try to be authentic.
  • Wisley works with your influencers.
  •  Creatively import sound effects.