How To Use influencers As A marketing Tool On TikTok: A primer

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The potential audience size is enormous, with more than a billion active users each month. Now more than ever, businesses may benefit from using TikTok as a marketing tool. The platform allows businesses to interact with a wider audience, spread their message via viral campaigns, and establish meaningful relationships with potential clients.

Customers today want more personal interaction and less commercial promotion. It’s estimated that over half of all TikTokers have made a purchase based on a recommendation from the site. Is there anything we can infer about customers from this? Perfectly formatted commercials are a thing of the past. TikTok users are drawn to the platform because the videos posted there are often raw and unfiltered.

Influencer marketing on TikTok: what is it?

TikTok isn’t the only platform with influencers. They’re all over social media, from Insta to YouTube. Contrarily, TikTok brags a greater level of engagement for influencers than both YouTube and Instagram combined.

The importance of a successful TikTok influencer marketing plan for your brand

With the right influencer marketing strategy, you can bring attention to your product. Here are five examples of why your company ought to start using TikTok influencers immediately.

Sales are boosted by TikTok influencer marketing.

As a matter of fact, several firms have even run out of stock due to the success of their influencer marketing campaigns. Think about the Aerie slouchy, flared pants with the cross-over waist. It didn’t take long for Aerie to run out of their popular leggings when some of the biggest names in TikTok’s influencer community started wearing them.

Raise the profile of emerging brands

TikTok influencer marketing may help new or unheard-of brands get noticed in a time when artists hold all the cards. Crumbl cookies, a cookie manufacturer, found this to be the case.

The Crumbl biscuit was nearly unheard of until very recently. The creators of the firm first did weekly releases of new flavors as a side business. Their TikTok became viral, and commerce exploded, before they realized what hit them. During the epidemic, the corporation launched 149 new shops.

How to Create and Manage a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign on TikTok

To ensure your success, read our detailed guide to influencer marketing on TikTok.

Step One: Do Your Homework

Doing your homework is essential for success. If you want to become a viral sensation on TikTok, you need to familiarize yourself with the platform’s landscape.

Learn as much as you can about who you’ll be up against next. Enter the rabbit hole of analyzing your rivals’ TikTok activity. Pay attention to the stuff they share, the degree of interaction, and the reactions of their audience. This is not to encourage imitation. Truly original material is king on TikTok. However, it shows you the way forward and why you should pursue that path.

Findings from this study can guide the development of an effective advertising plan for your company.

Set your campaign’s objectives.

You need objectives for your influencer marketing strategy. Focus on one primary objective, such as expanding brand recognition, attracting new customers, or boosting revenue. Create more specific objectives that will get you closer to your ultimate aim.

Be specific and practical when outlining your objectives. Determine the cost of the campaign and create a spending plan accordingly.

Compile a list of key opinion leaders.

Now comes the time to choose the right influencers for your campaign. Selecting appropriate opinion leaders is essential. It’s crucial to choose artists that resonate with your brand’s ideals, target demographic, and campaign objectives.

To narrow down your list of possible influencers, you should look into who has begun to speak about your company on the platform. The success of influencer marketing depends on the credibility and commitment of the influencers, so it makes sense to work with those who have previously proven their devotion to your business.

One alternative is to analyze the data you gathered about your target demographic to determine the sort of influence they are most likely to follow.

Reach out to other TikTokers

When your final list is complete, it’s time to start communicating with the influencers on it.

Having nothing to hide from each other is the greatest strategy. Detail the campaign’s concept and objectives, and be honest regarding funding. Knowledge about their target demographic is also quite helpful. The influencer’s media kit should provide this data.

Cultivate the partnership

Long-term collaborations with influencers tend to yield the best results in influencer marketing. Take the teamwork of Addison Rae’s and American Eagle as an example.

Maintaining interest and enthusiasm is the key to a successful partnership over the long haul. There is a good reason why creators are called creators. They understand the fundamentals of creating a viral phenomenon. Rather than forcing people to take standard photos or write standard reviews, encouraging them to go outside the box is the key to keeping things fresh. Just consider the partnership between Dunkin’ Donuts and Charli D’Amelio, a popular TikTok user.

Evaluate the outcomes

The last step is to analyze the success of TikTok’s influencer marketing campaign. The most efficient method for doing so is to first verify your brand’s account on TikTok and upgrade to TikTok Pro.

A Few Parting Thoughts

One of the most effective ways to reach new customers, expand your customer base, and raise brand recognition is through the use of TikTok influencer marketing. Although it won’t happen immediately, with the right influencer marketing plan, your brand will have a leg up on the competition on this rapidly growing platform.