The Reason Why I Started Making Short Videos For TikTok And Reels

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If you’ve been paying attention to me on any of my key social platforms over the past month or so, you may have noticed a dramatic shift in focus on my part. For me, nothing beats a good two-minute video.

There has been a full about-face. I’ve been opposed to making videos of any kind for quite some time. It is true that the delay was not tactically sound. Yet that delay was due to a number of factors.

The adjustment has not been simple. It was necessary to put yourself in an awkward position. Being in front of the camera is something I’ve always avoided. There were obstacles in the form of stubbornness, fear, and ingrained behaviours that had to be conquered.

I’m not doing this only for myself, but also for my fellow shy marketers.  In spite of the rough beginning, the rapid expansion has been inspiring.

Reasons Given

Truth be told. Throughout the past eleven years, this domain has been online. I’m a stubborn old dog who refuses to learn new tricks.

We could have a lengthy philosophical conversation about the various traps I’ve fallen into when attempting to streamline and simplify my business over the years. 

Writing is the medium in which I feel most at home. I enjoy putting pen to paper. There is no evidence that I have any difficulty composing my writing. When I write, I don’t have to consider whether or not the room is well-lit, whether or not I am wearing appropriate attire, or whether or not I am effectively communicating my ideas. I have the luxury of time to reflect, compose, erase, and rewrite.

Videos I’ve made are rare occurrences on my end. Occasionally, I’d make a video version of a podcast. Though I would make every effort not to, I would never photograph myself in the face.

I used some of my justifications for practical reasons. I aimed to increase site visits. That’s where the action is, if you will. Putting up a video on social media like Facebook or Instagram won’t achieve that (or so I told myself).

Change in Direction

The change in strategy came too late, but it was essential. Many goals inspired its creation.

Free, natural visits to my website have always been my company’s bread and butter. That contributed to my mailing list and sales process. This “easy” flow of visitors meant almost instantaneous profit.

Obviously, a lot of work was required. Yet, there was a period when Google sent me 10,000 organic clicks every day. My list was sizable, and a sizable fraction of its members were reading and responding to my emails.

When these resources began to dwindle, business also began to decline. I was unable to maintain my previous behaviour.

Not as many people were seeing my posts as before. Nobody thought of me first any more when they needed assistance with Facebook advertisements. My reputation had lost all of its lustre.

A readjustment was in order. As much as I wanted to defy the rules of business physics, I realised I could no longer operate my company as if time stood still. I had to get the word out that I existed and that I could provide them with the modern forms of entertainment they want.

That didn’t spell the end for my blog. But I needed to use short-form video as a promotional tool for my company. I need it to be brought to people’s attention that I am still alive. And maybe bring them back to my shop and my stuff.

I made fun of TikTok as recently as mid-September. I, along with the other “mature” people who are resistant to this format, initially dismissed it as meaningless noise because of the prevalence of dancing and memes. But then…

A Month’s Worth of Work

I was filled with apprehension and doubt, but I knew I had to take the plunge. Knowing that my initial attempts would be embarrassing, I was kind to myself. In any case, I understood that I had to produce original work if I was to advance in my craft.

On September 30 (after coming to terms with the necessity of doing so), I made this mortifying video public….

I was completely at a loss as to how to operate the software. I have no idea how to add music or edit. No longer did I care if this video was terrible. In other words, making an attempt was the whole objective.

By the end of the month, I would have made 70 videos, with virtually daily releases beginning on October 3. I used many mediums and played around with different subject matters in my creations.

I had a hard time figuring out how to save time without sacrificing quality producing material. Seeing the videos created by others allowed me to see what works and what doesn’t.

Not about a month after my “This Video is Going to Stink” attempt, I made this.

I’d finally settled in. So, I decided to play around with TikTok commercials. Both Facebook and Instagram Reels now feature these repurposed clips. The effects were instantaneous.

My TikTok views have skyrocketed from zero to over 3 thousand. Optimism is on the rise. Methods are becoming more refined. Progress towards effectiveness is seen.

So, Now What?

Making this change is no easy task. It’s not just a change in structure; it’s an acknowledgment. The way I’ve always done things isn’t cutting it anymore.

That’s really rather novel and intriguing.  I occasionally find myself pining for the heady days when my company went from relative obscurity to overnight fame. When you finally succeed, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

I’m not much of a futurist, I must confess. For my company and my career, the month of October was pivotal. Just as significant will be the month of November. While I do have some ideas about what I want to accomplish, such ideas are subject to change as the situation develops.