How To Leverage User-Generated Content On Instagram?

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Do you want to increase the amount of UGC you post on Instagram? Trying to figure out the best way to get your Instagram followers to start tagging you in their posts?

This article will show you how to increase the amount of Instagram posts that feature your products or services.

Get User-Generated Content on Instagram

User-generated content may be a treasure trove for brands who aim to make their customers feel valued. By highlighting your supporters, you can show them how much they mean to you and have a two-way conversation with them.

The key to growing user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram is inspiring your audience to make posts about your brand and offerings. However, not all of your customers will automatically become your unpaid photographers. Simply put, you’re offering folks the opportunity to be highlighted on your page.
There’s a strong chance your followers will want to spread the word about your brand, especially if your account is more popular than theirs. By sharing their content with your followers, you may be able to aid in their account expansion. When their work is showcased on your account, they will feel appreciated and proud of their contribution.

With some guidance, encouragement, and an eye for quality, you can mine Instagram for free, high-quality fan content.

Second, set a good example to inspire your Instagram followers to create engaging posts.
Putting up high-quality photographs of your own product or service is a great way to inspire your audience to share their own. If you want your Instagram followers to adopt your sense of style and quality, you should set an example with your own posts.

The standard of the posts in which you regularly appear as a tag rises in tandem with the quantity of user-generated content you post. Your target demographic may now easily deduce what it is that will boost their chances of being featured by looking at examples of content that fit your criteria. Some of your more dedicated customers may even use your wares in commercial photography.

Describe the tagging and @mention capabilities of your audience

Customers and followers need to know how to tag you in Instagram posts.

Encourage your followers to send you direct messages by tagging you in their Instagram stories with the appropriate sticker or just your handle. If the user has a private account or if the story contains music that your account can’t share, the user won’t be able to share the story with others. You may thank them for their contribution, get to know them, and then eventually ask for permission to utilise the original content.
Don’t forget to tag yourself on Instagram! You want to promote this, but it might be challenging to monitor these alerts on a busy account.

When other users tag your account in a picture, like in the example below, the image will appear in your tagged images section. This allows you to quickly locate these images and preview them in a grid format.
Promote the use of your brand’s hashtag by using it in your Instagram posts and asking followers to use it in their own posts. Using a brand hashtag, you may compile related posts into an online “lookbook” for prospective clients.
You may encourage your Instagram followers to use your hashtag in numerous ways. Start by making periodic posts regarding user-generated content (UGC) on your grid.

Additionally, you can try these ideas:

  • When sharing user-generated content, be sure to add a footnote to any captions.
  • Put a request to tag your account and your brand’s hashtag on the delivery receipt.
  • Promote your hashtag by including a line in your bio.
  • Give others a reason to tag you, like a chance to win a prize. In addition to generating user-generated content, this can motivate your most devoted fans to spread the word about you.
  • You can take this one step further by promoting your best content on social media sites like Facebook.

Obtain Approval to Publish User-Generated Content

You do not automatically have permission to publish content from Instagram users who have tagged your business or used your brand hashtag. You need the permission of the image’s creator before posting it on Instagram, as that individual holds the copyright. You should probably get permission from both the user who shared the photo and the photographer who took it if the shot was taken professionally.

Interact with All User-Generated Content Despite Not Sharing It

Not all user-generated content in which your brand appears on Instagram will be suitable. It’s possible the original poster employed a filter that clashes with your feed’s style, the photo isn’t high enough resolution, or the lighting isn’t right for showcasing your product. Not a problem. You need not show everyone’s photos.

However, this does not negate the usefulness of the UGC in any way. Consider it a chance to connect with your target demographic. You should be grateful that they are willing to promote you to their followers at no cost to them. Respond to the person who tagged you with a genuine comment on their post and a heartfelt thank you.

Sending a person a brief audio or video clip via Instagram Direct Message is another great method to show your appreciation.


You and your customers can both reap the rewards of UGC. Sharing user-generated material on Instagram gives your followers an honest glimpse at how actual people interact with your brand’s products. Sharing user-generated material demonstrates appreciation for your audience. Use user-generated content to start a dialogue with your target audience and learn more about what interests them.